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AMD Solution Provider
NVIDIA Partnerforce Program Member
For web, mail, database and volume applications in a free-standing format
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Compact, high-density rack-mounted mail, web, database and virtualization servers
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For digital media, scientific, CAD, engineering and GIS desktop applications
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Increase your computing power by orders of magnitude with NVidia GPUs
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Add up to 60TB of storage to your existing server within minutes
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Electronics Nexus manufacturers custom server, workstation and GPU computing systems based upon Intel?and AMD?Processors.

From entry-level single CPU Core i7 systems, through our thoroughbred line of Dual Xeon and Dual Opteron servers and workstations, to high-end 4-way and 8-way Opteron and Xeon supercomputers, Electronics Nexus can provide you with a computing solution customized to match your business needs.

All of our systems are built from quality tier-one components obtained through authorized distribution, including:

  • CPUs by Intel and AMD.
  • Mainboards by Intel, Tyan and Supermicro.
  • Memory by Kingston and Smart Modular.
  • Storage by Fujitsu, Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital.
  • Workstation Graphics and GPU Computing Modules by nVidia and AMD/ATi.
  • Enclosures by Intel, Supermicro, Antec, Lian-Li and AIC.
  • Genuine, Fully-Licensed Operating Systems by Microsoft, RedHat and Novell.

Each system specification is developed in close co-operation with each customer to ensure that it meets their needs. Once the order is confirmed, the system is built, tested throughly under stress and shipped, usually with 3-4 days. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time, but without compromising on quality.

Once shipped, each of our systems comes with a minimum 3 year limited warranty. Included in this is free business-hours technical support from our techs who are unparallelled in their expert knowledge of these advanced systems.

Browse our standard line of workstations, tower and rackmount servers, customize your specifications using our unique system configurator. If you have any questions, give our technical sales specialists a call.

Building high performance computing systems is the only thing we do - so we know our business! Call us now, and learn the difference of building your server and workstation infrastructure with Electronics Nexus .