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Code Of Ethics

Electronics Nexus  firmly supports ethical business practices and the use of products that benefit individuals, societies and the planet.

We promise to deal with potential new and existing customers as follows:

  • To never oversell, that is, to not add something to a system unless we feel the customer really needs it.
  • To provide the best possible value to each customer, with the best possible performance or reliability achievable.
  • To deliver as promised, and, where possible, more.
  • To be as polite, respectful and as understanding as possible, as well as being effective. In short, to treat our customers as human beings.

We encourage business dealings with all individuals and commercial and government entities, but will not do business with a small number of exceptions. These are as follows:

  • Weapons: Entities engaged in the development of weapons that are inimical to mankind (specifically biological, nuclear and chemical weapons of mass destruction), or weapons that are designed specifically to kill or injure civilian populations. We do encourage business between ourselves and sections of the military and their contractors, however, as long as they do not include the above activities.
  • Human Rights: Entities engaged in the development of products or techniques involved in torture, the suppression of human rights and civil liberties, or surveillance of civilian populations, whether foreign or domestic.
  • Health: Entities engaged in, or supplying products toward the treatment of individuals or groups using psychotropic drugs or electroshock therapy, or unethical biological research, including, but not restricted to human cloning.
  • Criminal: Entities suspected of using products for illegal, criminal or terrorist activities.
  • Business: Companies that we suspect are engaged in attempts at monopoly, economic suppression, market manipulation, or other unfair business practices.
  • Environment: Companies who recklessly pollute, causing excessive environmental damage.