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Ben Ranson
Ben Ranson - Chief Systems Engineer

About Electronics Nexus

Our History

Electronics Nexus was founded in 2004 by the current CEO Ben Ranson, with the launch of the most comprehensive fully customizable online configurator for buyers of high performance computers. Since that time, Electronics Nexus has been providing select customers in Government, Education, Finance, Engineering and Film/Television with servers and workstations designed exclusively to meet their needs.

Our Personnel

Our Founder and current CEO and Chief Systems Engineer, Ben Ranson graduated from the University of Bristol, England in 1992 with a Bachelors Degree in Engineering. He worked for some years as a consulting engineer in the water business, learning a great deal about interacting with clients and their specialised needs, along with gaining valuable experience as a engineering applications user, simulating water distribution networks on high performance computing platforms. In 1998, Ben began working as a software engineer, interacting again with end-users in converting their needs into real solutions, as well as gaining the needed experience in web-based computing that in 2004 enabled him to develop the exclusive website that you see today.

Our Products

Electronics Nexus focuses exclusively on designing, building and selling high performance computing systems, specifically servers, workstations and GPU computing platforms. We don't do anything else. No laptops, no desktops, just high-powered, reliable computers designed specifically to each customer. We listen to the customers needs and convert those needs into the hardware needed to get the job done.

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive online configuration experience for every possible buyer of high performance computer systems, to listen to our customer's needs and translate them into the highest performing system for each dollar spent, to deliver in a timely fashion on what is promised, and lastly to support that customer thereafter and to ensure they remain happy with their purchase.