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GPU Supercomputers

Combining the latest CPU technology from Intel and AMD with General Purpose GPUs from NVidia, our GPU Supercomputers offer orders of magnitude increases in scientific, engineering and certain commercial computing applications.

Using the CUDA programming architecture from NVidia, you can utilise up to 3840 processing cores on up to 8 graphics cards in a single machine.

Applications that benefit hugely from General Purpose GPU Supercomputing are those which require relatively simple calculations performed many times over. Such applications include modelling real-world phenomena (Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electrodynamics, Bio-Informatics, Weather/Atmospheric/Oceanic Simulation, Astrophysics etc.), statistical number-crunching (Data Mining, Analytics), MATLAB Acceleration, Imaging and Computer Vision and Computational Finance.

Some users have reported gains in performance by as much as 100x over conventional CPU clusters.

All of our GPU Supercomputers are built and thoroughly tested by experienced technicians, and come with FREE GROUND SHIPPING to US Contiguous 48 States and Canada, plus a FREE 3-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY!