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ISSUS Entry Workstation - 2nd Gen. Core i7, DDR3 RAM, SAS or SATA HDD
Product Code: EN-WXE3

Next-generation "Sandy Bridge" architecture from Intel delivers blistering workstation performance at record-low pricing.

The ISSUS entry-level workstation opens the door to the latest quad-core "Sandy Bridge" CPU technology from Intel at an affordable price. Applications for this entry-workstation are versatile, from visual effects, Photoshop and SD video editing to scientific computations and software development, the ISSUS packs one mighty punch per dollar spent.

  • 1 x 6-Core "Sandy Bridge" 2nd Generation Intel® Core i7 3.3GHz processor (upgradeable to 3.3GHz 6-core Core-i7-3960X) with QuickPath direct memory connection.
  • 8GB (as 4x2GB) system memory of DDR3 1600MHz DIMMs operating optimally in quad-channel mode (expandable to 32GB in triple-channel mode) - 8 DIMM slots.
  • Choice of SATA, SAS or SSD drives (optional)
  • Gigabit LAN onboard.
  • Windows 7 32/64-bit or Redhat/SuSE/CentOS Linux pre-installed (optional).
  • FREE 3-year limited warranty.
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Mainboard and Chassis Options

EVGA X79 SLI 3-way SLI/GPU: 3xPCIe3.0*16, 2xPCIe*1, 4xDIMM, 2xSATA-III, 6xSATA-II, 1xGbLAN, 8-Ch Audio, ATX

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