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Success Stories

Feature Article: Purdue University uses Electronics Nexus GPU Computing Solutions to deliver massive acceleration to Dynamic Protein Simulation

"Our workstation has been working well. I was totally impressed with the pricing, products and service from Electronics Nexus (you gave us some really good advice on upgrading our graphics card). I enthusiastically recommend you guys to everyone I talk to."

- Don Sipes, Optical Engines, Inc.


"Electronic Nexus provides a hard-to-beat combination of commitment to quality, support excellence, and cost efficiency, as well as an understanding of the requirements on IT equipment for academic research. Ben has supplied us with a multicore workstation tailored to our needs which we use for simulations with the WRF/Chem regional atmospheric model and the ECHAM5-HAM climate model. The machine keeps on exceeding our expectations and its performance has been a great asset for our research. I highly recommend Electronic Nexus."

- Jan Kazil, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado


"Since the beginning of our company 3 Years ago we needed a solution that could not only handle our demand but keep up with the times and growth... Electronics Nexus exceeded our demand. At a cost that is unbelievable and a build time that caused us to switch from our previous builder. We will continue to buy all our server and workstation builds from Electronics Nexus."

- Mike Hogan, NDFC Capital Corp, Irvine, California


"Thanks to Ben a new Workstation from Electronics Nexus is speeding up Solidworks at Design Werk. In today's market, efficiency counts more than ever, and with the latest software, demands on the hardware are high. We provide clients with design and drafting services as well as digital prototypes. The new workstation configured by Ben is not only more than twice as fast it's also far more stable. Ben went out of his way to assure customer satisfaction. Thanks Ben."

- Robert Fehse, Design Werk, Murietta, California


"The engineering workstation from Electronics Nexus is fantastic. We have dedicated this to ANSYS / FEMAP / NASTRAN as our finite element machine. The RAID 0 scratch SAS drives really fly. We have seen significant improvements in maximum model size and solution times much shorter than our previous workstation. The recommendations by Ben during the ordering phase provided AccTTech with an affordable high performance custom workstation that exceeded our expectations. Elnexus is a key partner in our business equipment growth plans for the future."

- Gil Dean, AccTTech, Greer, South Carolina


"Many thanks for this excellent computer. I have been working with it since Tuesday, gradually moving my files over from my old 2004 Dell. Yesterday after some discussion with Rhino support I loaded Rhino for the first time. The difference is dramatic. When you start rotating fairly complex 3D models in the perspective window, it is actually quite amazing to see how quickly and seamlessly the machine accomplishes the necessary transformations. Command response also seems quicker. Thanks again for a successful design and build."

- M.G., Inventor, New York City


"The workstation has been working very well. It’s capacity to be upgraded made this machine a good choice. I’m a chemistry professor at Taylor University and purchased the workstation to perform molecular modeling research. Specifically, we create molecular models of proteins involved in crop defense against bacteria and fungi. Additionally, once the models are made we can simulate their reactions. We have published two of these protein structures in significant research journals and a number of others are in the works. Thank you Electronics Nexus for a fantastic machine and great service."

- Dan King, Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Taylor University, Upland, Indiana


"My system from Electronics Nexus was the perfect photoshop workstation and has provided my publishing business it's main power computer for the last 3 years. I'm very happy with the entire set up and service provided by EN and will likely go with them for my next computer."

- E.T. Bryan, Graphic Artist and Publisher of Anti-Ballistic Pixellations, Orange County, California


"We purchased three servers from EN for three years in a row starting back in 2004. Not only haven’t we had any problems with the servers, but they have paid us back 10 fold. They are still running strong. In fact, we just donated the Opteron system we purchased in 2005 to a non-profit in need of a capable server. The other two are still in use. I have VMware Server running on the ’06 box with 3 VM servers running. It still has CPU cycles to spare ;-) Thank you, Electronics Nexus!"

- Amar, IT Manager for Milhouse Engineering & Construction Inc. , Chicago, Illinois


"Ben is the bright spot in our server vendor list. He is very knowledgeable and he does get back to me for all my crazy questions. Electronic Nexus delivers on time!"

- Robert Flower, IT Director for County of Montrose, Colorado


"Electronic Nexus has been our major desktop/server vendor since we began our business 3 years ago. I give Electronic Nexus A+ on the followings: professional and timely product delivery, reasonable pricing, adaptability to our desktop/server customization needs, and I can’t stress enough their honesty, trust, and good service."

- A.S., IT Director for a California-based Oilfield Services Company


"Since our company’s first purchase with Electronics Nexus in 2004, we have experienced nothing less than outstanding service, and top-of-the-line product performance. Ben Ranson has walked us through, piece by piece, the selection of each component, explaining the benefits of the hardware, as well as the similarities, and differences of other comparable hardware. He has been a tremendous support for our IT department.

Initially, our company only purchased desktop workstations from Electronics Nexus. However, after having great success with the dependability of the machines, and the company’s ongoing support, we decided to source out the construction of our servers to Electronics Nexus as well. It was not until that point, that we truly realized the depth of knowledge and capabilities that Electronics Nexus had.

When considering quality of product, and depth of support, we do not believe there is one company that can match what Electronics Nexus can do. Of course, we have not had to look for another company since 2004; why would we?"

- Maurice Samra, Chief Operating Officer, RealCom Technologies, LLC, Scottsdale, Arizona

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