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3-Year Limited Warranty on Servers and Workstations

Please note, if you ordered a system from us AFTER September 2011, please go to our Support Partner's Support Portal for further instructions and information on your warranty. The below warranty only applies to systems purchased PRIOR to September 2011.

In the event of a component failure within a pre-assembled computer system supplied by Electronics Nexus , our warranty will cover its replacement. The warranty lasts until 36 months beyond the time of purchase, unless otherwise cancelled.

This warranty is limited and covers defects in materials and workmanship. It does NOT cover the following:

  • Software, including the operating system (except for pre-installed OEM Installations of Windows) and software added to the Electronics Nexus   branded hardware products, third-party software, or the reloading of software, damage to any systems and software through virus, spyware or malware attack
  • Components added on to the system after delivery by Electronics Nexus . We reserve the right to void the warranty should any components not expressly approved beforehand by us, be added to the system.
  • Problems that result from:
    - External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, natural disasters, criminal damange or loss, or problems with electrical power, including inadequate surge protection
    - Usage that is not in accordance with product instructions
    - Failure to follow the product instructions or failure to perform preventive maintenance, including maintaining the hardware within required environmental parameters including, but not limited to temperature and humidity.
    - Servicing not approved or authorized by  Electronics Nexus
  • Problems caused by using accessories, parts, or components not supplied or approved by  Electronics Nexus
  • Data loss and any consequential damages caused by hard disk or other hardware failure. You accept that the risk of hard disk failure is real, and accept responsibility for ensuring adequate back-up mechanisms are in-place to protect valuable data stored on hard disks. Electronics Nexus   HAS NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY DIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OR FINANCIAL HARDSHIP CAUSED BY DATA LOSS ON THE WARRANTIED SYSTEM.
  • Any other consequential damages incurred as a result of use of the warrantied system.

Definition of Warranty Service

Under this service agreement we will provide the following services only:

  • Telephone based technical support during regular business hours.
  • Email based technical support, in which we will attempt to respond to your query within 24 hours, but with no legal obligation to do so.
  • Parts replacement if it is found that a component that can be easily replaced has failed.
  • System repair, should a component failure occur that is beyond the means of the End User to replace.
  • Outbound (from us, Electronics Nexus   to you, the End User) Ground shipping costs within US Contiguous 48 States and Canada  incurred as a result of parts replacement or system repair. You are responsible for ALL other shipping costs.

Importance of Adequate Surge Protection and Power Conditioning

This warranty specifically stipulates that you must have sufficient power surge protection installed between the system and the power outlet. A great deal of hardware failures occur due to power spikes from the mains supply penetrating the delicate electronic components within the system. For your own peace of mind and convenience please power your system via a professional level surge protection device. "SURGE STRIPS" OR OTHER BASIC SURGE PROTECTION DEVICES ARE INVALID FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS WARRANTY. ANY SYSTEMS SUPPLIED BY US MUST BE POWERED THROUGH A PROFESSIONAL UNINTERRUPTABLE POWER SUPPLY ("UPS") TO MAINTAIN VALIDITY OF THIS WARRANTY.

For Workstations, this warranty additionally specifies that you install a reputable and effective anti-virus software (such as Norton/Symantec or McAfee) on your Operating System (if using Microsoft Windows), AND that you regularly maintain it through updates from the vendor. Free virus solutions are NOT included, as they are of limited effectiveness. We also recommend that you run a suite of anti-spyware applications (such as Spysweeper, AdAware and Spybot) to ensure smooth running of your system by protecting against spyware and malware when web-browsing.


Either party (End User or Electronics Nexus ) has the right to cancel this warranty and support contract at any time. In the event that either party cancels the warranty, Electronics Nexus  shall remunerate the End User a refund of the value of the support contract, which is 10% of the total system purchase price, with this amount pro-rated according to the remaining span of the warranty. For instance, if the warranty included with the system was three years and the cancellation occurred after one year, the amount refunded to The Buyer would be pro-rated to two-thirds, i.e. 6.7% of the total system purchase price.

Procedure for Warranty Replacement

This procedure applies to customers with the included free 3-year warranty. For customers who have selected paid support options, including on-site support, please contact our support partner via the main support page.

1. Contact us once you are sure that there is a hardware failure (and not a result of software/operating-system corruption or virus-attack, etc.).

2. Once we agree that a hardware failure due to defects in materials and workmanship has occurred, we will issue you an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number. We will also ask for a valid credit card number, which we will authorize (but not charge) for the amount of the replacement part.

3. We will then ship out to you, via Ground Shipping the replacement part within the same day if possible and when availability permits. Your credit card will not be charged, as long as we receive the returned part within 30-days, and the manufacturer has agreed that the failure occurred as a result of a manufacturer defect.

4. Once we receive the returned part, it will be returned to the manufacturer. The decision upon whether the component failure was a result of defects in manufacturer, materials or workmanship rests entirely with the manufacturer.

If there appears to be a problem with the motherboard, you can either follow the above procedure, or have the whole system returned to us for re-fitting with a new board.