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For computationally intensive applications, where a standard desktop pc won't do, you need the power of a workstation. From digital content creation to engineering modelling, workstations are the backbone to getting results fast.

All of our workstations are built and thoroughly tested by experienced technicians, come with FREE GROUND SHIPPING to US Contiguous 48 States and Canada , plus a FREE 3-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY!

Applications where workstation power is essential include:

  • Media - digital content creation (motion-picture editing, 2D/3D moving graphics) for film and television, magazines and desktop-publishing.
  • Financial Services - spreadsheet calculations in risk-management, derivatives, foreign-exchange and equities.
  • Engineering Analysis - computer modelling of structural, fluid and process-flow analysis in the automotive, aeronautical, construction and petrochemical industries.
  • Design - CAD/CAM in automotive, aeronautical and electronic engineering, architectural design, GIS and mapping technologies for urban-planning.
  • Academic - research and operations in astronomy, physics, biology and computing.